International Women´s Day.

Today, March 8th, the world celebrates International Women’s day (IWD). The theme this year: “Be Bold For Change”. It’s a day on which we celebrate and honor all women of the world that sadly still knows too much violence and inequality towards women. Change is needed to achieve a better working world where greater gender equality exists. A powerful thought is that each change starts with ourselves. Do we want an inclusive world and no more violence? We are the change we wish to see in the world, like Mahatma Ghandi said.

So, yes let’s be bold for change! It’s a pledge, an attitude we can all join in on.


Practice Yoga

To be bold for change we need strong, healthy bodies and resilient spirits. For exactly this reason we need to take time to nurture and look after ourselves. We believe practicing yoga is a perfect means to accomplish these very precious assets in life. Especially for women yoga has shown to be beneficial. A regular practice helps, for example, to balance hormones by eliminating toxins from the body, it strenghtens the body, reduces stress significantly and relaxes the busy mind. Yoga classes are still very much dominated by women. We hope in the near future more people will get inspired to look after themselves in a wise and positive way as well, so not only women will be “Bold For Change”, but we ALL are.




Taking good care of our bodies and spirits by practicing yoga empowers and facilitates happiness in our lives. Moreover, it brings us closer to our sacred selves and it enables each woman to meet the goddess that resides in her. If this makes your heart sing or you might think we talk real nonsense now we’d love to meet you at one of our yoga-retreats at DePura Ibiza so you can experience what we believe in!

On top of a mountain, surrounded by beautiful beaches on the magical island Ibiza, you can indulge in daily yoga-practice, meditations, healthy and nutricious food, healing Reiki-treatments and massages. Once you experience this opportunity to purify your body and mind and to open your heart you’ll notice a state of harmony within yourself that is bliss. Such state of being effects empowerment, a higher consciousness and reminds us of our human capacity to make things happen.

Change ourselves

We all know it’s a gift to the world when we have strong and unharmed women living in it, don’t we? Well, let’s choose to improve the status quo. How we can do this? It’s by challenging bias and inequality, by campaigning against violence, by forging women’s advancement, by celebrating women’s achievements and by defending women’s education…AND by practicing yoga for our well-being!

In fact as we’re taking good care of our inner-self by practicing yoga we’re better able to create a less violence and more harmonious world. Anyhow, in order to bring change we need to change ourselves first. Focusing on and entering our inner-world by, for example, practicing yoga or meditation is essential to bring positive change into the world we’re living in today.

Therefore we’d love to welcome you at DePura Ibiza to make that true connection with your inner-self. It could be the spark that starts the fire.

Let’s do it! Be bold for change and build a world where we live in harmony with ourselves and with each other. Let’s celebrate the beauty of womanhood and not only today.

Throughout the year we give you the opportunity to join one of our retreats at DePura Ibiza which are being created with love, care and attention. Our calender shows you all dates and programs (Yoga, Fasting, Detox and Power Detox).

Are you ready? #BeBoldForChange everybody!

We can’t wait to see you at DePura Ibiza this year!

With Love,

Mapi & Rafa

Indra Devi, the exceptional woman who helped bring yoga to the West.