Description and location

The Villa is located on top of a mountain in the San Agustín area of Ibiza. An impressive 360° view affords stunning panoramas of dawn, dusk, ocean, forests, and mountains. Very close to some of the best beaches on the island, such as Cala Bassa and Cala Conta.

The house has three ensuite double bedroom with separate entrances. The house has a large living room with a fire place and kitchen all surrounded with panoramic sea and mountain views. There is a pool and several relaxation areas around the house. The wonderful wooden yoga room is perched on a terrace in the middle of pine trees with beautiful valley views. A magical place to connect with yourself and nature.

The house that welcomes you.

When I start up the mountain, among the trees, I have the feeling that it will never end. The sounds fade, and a feeling of peace arises. This feeling continues until I get to the top, where the house is. Then I notice the road I have driven. The ocean is down below, I am at the top.

When I get out of the car, I notice that the house is in the middle of nature, in the center of a marvelous and very powerful setting. I remain quiet for a moment, to listen. The view is beautiful. I feel light, far away from the noise. I notice that the house blends into its natural surroundings, as if it has always been there.

On the veranda, I stop briefly. I feel the warm breeze. It greets me. I recognize it as a good welcome. I ask myself: what are the nights like here? Later I am told, “The night, my friend, belong to the stars. When night falls, and you are inside, you feel the call of the sky. You go through the courtyard, and the sky surprises you. There they are, bright points.” That night I have a dream: I am in front of the house, where there are no trees, lying on a sofa, looking at the sky, while time passes.

The days pass, and the sunsets are constant. Photographs just don´t capture what I am seeing. I try to share it with my friends, but regretebly they can’t appreciate the beauty of this place.

And when I get back, people ask me: “What do you hear in such a place?” To which I reply, “Silence”. On certain days, you hear motorcycles, dogs and other sounds of the the small town below as faint whispers in the distance. But on the other side of the property, there is absolute silence, an absence of civilization, only nature and birds. Except on windy nights when natures gentleness and power is felt in the air.

You’ll have to check this out for yourself…

Javier Cantarell


Ibiza…¡This emblematic island we love so much!

An island with powerful energy and many faces; day and night, Yin and Yang, the party vibe for which so many people know Ibiza, the spiritualist, tranquil and chill, all contributing to the magic that has drawn visitors over the last half century.

Nature, paradise, crystal clear waters, stunning beaches, fascinating areas of countryside…