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What is Reiki?

Natural Energy Therapy

When we are hurting or in pain, for example: the head, the stomach, we recieve a blow to a finger, or we twist an ankle, etc, we automatically put our hands on that part of the body, because the simple act of touching, or contact calms the pain. Instinctively, we are applying the principle of Reiki, an ancient japanese therapy becoming more and more known and used.

REI+KI = REI-Universal + KI-Vital Energy

Reiki can be given or recivied by anyone. The person who practices Reiki acts as a channel through which the Energy flows to another being (can be an animal or a plant or even a situation), dissoving the knots that block our energy flow, restoring balance and natural harmony.

Modern quantum physics and ancient therapies such Acupunctere, Siatshu and Reiki share the same simple principle: the human being “is energy” The Universal Vital Energy flows naturally in all living beings. It is this Energy which makes the miracle of Life possible. Sometimes this flow is blocked by stress, emotional problems, diseases, or negative thoughts.


Reiki is a system of natural healing thousands of years old, where energy flows directly through the hands. It derives from Tibetan Buddhism (Sutras) and was rediscovered in Japan by Dr. Mikau Usui, early in the XX century.

What does a Reiki session entail?

Usually lasting between 50-90 minutes. you can be sitting or lying on a bed, in a quiet environment. The Reiki master places their hands on different parts of the body realining all the Chakras or Energy centers.. During the session you may feel a tingling sensation, see vivid colors,and enter a deep relaxing state or sleep. Feel free to laught or cry as emotions that might have been blocked can come to the surface to be released, it´s all part of the process, and the beauty of it is that the Energy knows where to go, increasing your own healing power.

Once finished it is recommended to drink lots of water and be aware of changes that may have taken place in your body. It could be that you arrive home and sleep for three hours, you may want to clean your house from top to bottom or maybe you spend the time doing something creative . At times the only thing that you need do is allow the body process the new sensations/experience.

reiki session

Reiki is compatible with any medical treatment. It is recognized as un alternative threrapy by the World Health Organization. In countries such as the US and the UK it is included in the public health system and used by hundreds of hospitals.

Reiki eliminates blockages, re-establishes and empowers your Vital Energy

Reiki Benefits

  • Speeds up the healing process, since it stimulates the immune system.
  • Increases energy levels in a fast and noticeable way, providing physical and psychic vitality.
  • Organic revitalization and rejuvenation for the entire organism.
  • Causes a state of deep relaxation, mental calm and serenity of the spirit.
  • Balances the energy centers (Chakras), creating a mind-body-spirit harmony.
  • Gets rid of tension, relaxes muscles, eliminates pain and helps the body to mend much faster.
  • Progressively expands consciousness and self-knowledge.
  • Recovery in a natural way, directed to where it is needed most.
  • Generates confidence and improves self-esteem.
  • Unblocks emotions and feelings.

DePura´s Reiki Sessions

Reiki Natural Therapy

Why haven´t you tried experimenting with the sensations of this precious vital energy healing style, helping your body and emotions to balance itself?

Come and enjoy a REIKI session in Nature.

Recharge and balance your energy in an easy and pleasant way. Attain a profound feeling of peace and harmony within yourself.

And for those who prefer to benefit from this treatment at home, we also can come to you.


Recarga y equilibra tu energía de una forma fácil y placentera