Natural Therapies

Enjoying a healthy life depends on the holistic balance of our physical, mental and energetic bodies, which actually are one. Our desire is to offer treatments, therapies and more effective ways to clean, regenerate and enjoy our natural state of harmony, well-being and happiness.

These are some of the wonderful natural therapies you can choose to recharge your Body-Mind and Energy.


“Everything that happens to the body affects the mind, and vice versa. Mind and body cannot be considered separately. When they are not synchronized, emotional and physical fatigue ensues.” Osho.

Natural Therapy Detox Diet


Our Detox programme is a purifying liquid diet of organic fruits and vegetable juices, nutritional broths, infusions of medical plants and super-foods that help the organism get rid of toxins. This diet is alkalizing, full of antioxidant, and therefore has a powerful anti-aging effect.

Natural Therapy Therapeutic Fasting

Therapeutic Fasting

Fasting is the most organic and natural way of letting the body’s wisdom clean itself, eliminate toxins and regenerate tissues, all while balancing the organism.
“Fasting is one of the best techniques of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing.” Dr. Otto Buchinger.

Natural Therapy Conscious Nutrition

Conscious Nutrition

Eating consciously means being aware of every mouthful you ingest and to savor the LIFE force that is entering your body. Know and understand what we eat is the basis of conscious nutrition. Discover the world of organics and energetic nutrition, leading to internal harmony.


“A person that is mentally calm is happier, and physically healthier”. Dalai Lama

Natural Therapy Yoga


Yoga is a system in personal evolution and one of the world’s oldest practices. It is a deep understanding of the essential nature of man and the need to live in harmony with himself and his environment. Experience the positive effects yoga has in helping your body and mind.

Natural Therapy Conscious Breathing

Conscious Breathing

At some moment today, stop all movement and simply observe your breathing, feel your heartbeat, and realize that Life is occurring within and around you.
Breathing is the key to life! Discover the enormous benefits of breathing consciously.

Natural Therapy Meditation


Meditation is simply being present in mind and body. Meditation is being conscious of the present moment, without judgement, accepting things as they are, without trying to control it. Meditating connects you with your life force. Meditating is not an action, it is a state of being.


“When we have a feeling in the heart, we are creating electromagnetic waves within our body that extend outwards, and all around us”. Gregg Braden

Natural Therapy Reiki


Reiki is a system of natural healing thousands of years old, where energy flows directly through the hands. Natural energy for your well-being. Recharge and balance your energy in an easy and pleasant way. Experience a profound feeling of peace and harmony.

Natural Therapy Flower essences

Flower Essences

Natural flower therapy helps restore your emotional balance. The flower essences have the vibrational capabilities to help restore the sectors in our body that have become de-harmonized, stimulating the restoring capacity of our own energetic system.

Natural Therapy Massage


Enjoy the benefits of massage. We offer different types of massages, rituals and techniques. This helps to remove tension, relax the body and mind, release blockages, improve the flow of energy, activate the chakras, and lastly helps to promote harmony and balance emotions..