Natural Therapy Flower Essences

Natural therapy that helps restore your emotional balance.

Estrella de Belén: Consuelo del alma, trauma o sock

It happens to all of us, on occasion, that the changing circumstances of life affects us emotionally and upsets us; generating fear, stress, sadness, anxiety, depression, worries, and a lack of self-esteem, clarity, decision, etc. These negative and limiting emotions can be deeply seeded, and occur daily or be momentary. For example, the fear of death, the fear of losing your job or simply going to the dentist.

The harmonic frequencies of flowers help to put in balance what is not in balance. The flower essences have the vibrational capabilities to help restore the sectors in our body that have become de-harmonized, stimulating the restoring capacity of our own energetic system. When we harmonize our inner world, in most cases, the specific symptoms will regress or disappear.

Most physical illnesses have an emotional origin. If the emotional conflicts persist for a long time, disease in the body begins to appear. In floral therapy, what matters is the whole person and their relationship with themselves and their environment, the “inner experience”. Restoring emotional balance is the basis for resolving physical illness.


The subtle energy of flowers is helpful for internal harmonization and improvement in quality of life. They are the bridge linking man and nature.


Flowers have been used therapeuticly from the earliest understunding of medicine, as in the egyptians, celtic druid, hindu, taoist, and inca traditions. In 1935 Dr. Edward Bach developed the Theorie of Emotions and gave a modern therapeutical form to the Flower essenses redescovering these reach curative energy from the plant kingdom.

Conventional medicine still doesn´t have the tools to study the pshycho-neuro-energetic interactions with their actual chemical-analytic methods. We can aproach this through psycho-neuro-immunology which studies the relationships between sensory impulse in the brain, the nervous system function, the changing hormonal levels and reactions in the inmune system. This branch of medicine studies the neuro-endocrine relations that unite the soul and the brain. With the actual knowledge, the pioneer theories of Dr. Bach are now much more understandable and popular.

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Flower essences are vibrational remedies not like pharmacueticals medicines and do not interact with them. They have nobio-chemical reaction or active ingredients. There are no side effects, possibility of overdose, or drug dependencies. They can be used in conjunction with other treatments or therapies. Helping to enhance the healing process and bringing serenity and inner peace to those that maybe incurable.

A few drops of flower essences under your tongue can help you restore emotional balance.

Flowers that heal the Soul

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Alerce: Confianza en uno mismo

Discover how nature can help in such an easy way. The union between the power of the Sun and the life force of Water allows for the convergence of the high energy of the flowers, the soul of the plant, transferring its vibration to you.

“In the presence of the appropriate remedy, the disease has no more power than the dark in a room whose window can be opened to pass the sunlight”. Edward Bach

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