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Therapeutic Fasting

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We all know that when we sleep our bodys are regenerating and is “fasting”. In the morning, when we eat breakfast, we are literaly stoping that “Fast”! If we prolong this period of not eating, we allow our organism a much deeper regeneration.

This is what we call Theraputical Fasting.

The basic principle of fasting is simple: Recover your health by cleaning your body. It is astonishing how the simple technique of taking a break from food can be so effective against some complex diseases, but it is true!

Nature has developed this marvelous way of healing, letting your body repair itself.

Give a break to your organism, give yourself a break!

Fasting is the most organic and natural way of letting the body’s wisdom clean itself, eliminate toxins and regenerate tissues, all while balancing the organism.


Why Fasting?

Have you lost vitality? Do you feel tired without knowing why? Do you have trouble making decisions without clarity of mind? Do you suffer from stress, poor digestion, depression, etc?

Fasting cleans the toxins from our blood and internal organs. When they are clean they can function optimally. When the blood arrives clean to the brain our abillity to think is improved; if the liver and kidnneys are cleansed we have more vitality. This process of repair impacts billions of cells in our body also helping our digestive system. Further positive results are internal balance, higher energy levels, and radiant skin.

Therapeutic Fasting

Fasting is a completely natural method used by our ancesters, also animals stop eating when they are sick or hurt. When we have a fever, we lose our appetite. Fasting helps the organism transfer the unused energy of digestion to get rid of toxins and helps to regenerate tissues.

There are different types of fasts, with respect to motivation and duration. Fasting a day per week is a marvelous practice that will reward you by strengthening your immune system and providing you with greater vigor during your lifetime. Whereas fasting 1-3 days per week helps your organism get up-to-date or do a “general cleanup”, a 7-14 day fast helps achieve a deeper elimination of toxins and helps in cellular recovery. It is a powerful remedy to reverse many diseases and undesirable health conditions.

The fasting technique should be prudently supervised by an expert.

“Fasting is the first principle of Medicine”. Rumi

Fasting Benefits

  • Purifies the blood, improving circulation.
  • Clean kidneys and liver.
  • Purifies the digestive system.
  • Helps you lose weight.
  • Regulates the metabolism.
  • Increases your energy level.
  • Improves clarity and mental focus.
  • Improves skin and hair.
  • Slows down the biological aging process.
  • Strengthens the inmune system.