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What is Conscious Nutrition?

Conscious Nutrition

Consciousness, presence, know and understand what we eat is the basis of conscious nutrition.

We are what we eat, digest and assimilate. We eat food every day. We are born and the first thing we do is feed for our Moms! So food plays a major role in our lives and that of our family. Re-educating ourselves is vital.

The goal of conscious nutrition is to equalize our blood levels and maintain a Ph balance of 7.5. Our body is either alkaline or acid and too much of one or the other may cause various negative conditions.

Equally important are our emotions. Food impacts not only our physical well being but our emotional well being. To better stablize our emotions we need to know what we are eating and the effects it has on us physically.

It is essential to have balanced energy levels on a daily basis without having high or low spikes in our metabolism. This can cause an abnormal physio-neuro reaction leading to a drop in engergy levels and depression or malaise. Balanced energy will help you face a new day.


Conscious eatiang is knowing what to eat, where it comes from, how you cook it, how we digest it and what its effects are.


Learning to eat consciously will set us free!!

Knowing what to eat and what effect food has on our body is crucial in understanding our different states of being.

Conventional non-organic food is furthest from a natural diet we can experience, it is artificial and lacking in nutrition: what most of us eat is full of preservatives, dyes, acidifying agents, artificial flavorings, aromas and countless chemicals.

Learn to identify healthy food and supplements that will help to alkalize blood levels restoring emotional balance and maintain energy levels.

This knowledge will set you free!

Cooking is an art, beside giving pleasure to the eye and the palate, it satisfies nutritional functions and maintains basic health. This leads to a better quality of life.

“Let me say that I say the benefits of eating with intention. I noticed how many things have changed in me. Starting with my physical appearance, I agree that I feel less dense, less bloated, do not retain fluids. I have improved my circulation, my skin is oxygenated and softer. I have more energy and do not feel tired. The PH of my blood is alkaline. I feel calmer, less impatient and I adapt much better to what is happening around me. I relate to the world with joy and serenity. I can say that now my emotions are stable. So I would recommend this program, because my experience has been wonderful and beneficial. Arantxa Areta

Conscious Nutrition Workshops.


Do you know which foods that are beneficial for you? Do you know which ones help you the most? Learn about which foods you should have in your pantry?

We invite you dive into the wonderful experience of eating with Love and understanding, knowing what you are eating, Know what you and your family should be eating.

Discover the world of natural food and energetic nutrition can do for your inner harmony.

It is all within your grasp to better understand the impact food has in your life. Come learn and benefit from this programme.


Conscious Nutrition is eating what best suits our metabolism and helping it to operate at its optimal level.