First retreat of the season

Our first DePura Ibiza retreat of the year is already behind us and we are happy to have had a beautiful and meaningful experience. The sun shone abundantly while we celebrated a long Easter-weekend with our guests.

Spring has really started on Ibiza! We witnessed magical sunrises and sunsets on the mountain at DePura Ibiza. Once again we were amazed by the changing colors of the sky. Moving from yellow, orange to pink. Shifting complexions as the sun disappeared over the horizon.

Every single day this shifting of colors takes place, one day more visible than the other. It’s nature’s daily gift. This paradise-island, Ibiza, makes us even more aware of this present. We feel fortunate to share these moment with our guests during our yoga and detox retreats. Not only the colors in the sky shift.
In a life-time we can shift and make important movements. That particular shift that changes our life forever, in a positive way. We know that getting another perspective on life by changing your thoughts can change your life drastically.

Dr. Wayne Dyer’s movie: The Shift

That’s why almost every retreat we suggest our people watch Dr. Wayne Dyer’s movie, The Shift, and we always end up watching it again. Do you know this movie? It’s about our life-purpose, about finding more meaning in our lives to give us fulfillment and bliss. Please do watch it! We believe The Shift has a very meaningful message for all of us that can make us move forward to better lives.


Interesting concepts from this movie

We’d love to share with you a few interesting insights from the movie, so you can read them again and be reminded. Like so many truths, we know them deep down, but often we are distracted by our ego that keeps us away from our authentic selves, from who we really are, from finding real happiness in our lives.

So many people are aiming for something which they never achieve and therefore they never feel satisfaction and lasting happiness. Wanting for external things, because in this material world we often believe that we are what we have and also that we are what we do. We are so consumed by what we have, by possessions, by achievements, that we often identify ourselves with it.

To enable us to find our true life-purpose we need to let go of all this and return to nature. Our nature, our true selves.

How do we get there?

We can encounter difficulties with returning to our nature and moving into the meaningful phase of our life. Going into nature and immersing ourselves in nature often gives us that sense of purity, that sense of being, that click of “nothing else matters only this moment”. Then we know we are on the right track; feeling we come straight from this source of life around us, that we are Source. Connected to what we come from.


As Dr. Dyer explains in The Shift we showed up in the world as a tiny speck. Everything what we need was in that speck. From conception to birth, everything was being handled for us. There was nothing for us to do. It’s all taken care of. Also everything for the rest of our journey, not only the physical, is in us. If we just allow, surrender and trust in our nature, our purpose in life shows itself at the right time.

We have everything we need in the first 9 months, why not the following 90 years? “Because we interfere”, says Dr. Dyer. He emphasizes that everything we need, will be there for us by allowing the Source that is always flowing in us and by living in harmony with it, also by letting go, by allowing we’re not always in control. That’s certainly not the easiest thing to believe for most of us, who have been taught by our parents and society that we have to make things happen, that we always need to fight to achieve things and not just passively wait for them to show up. According to Dr. Dyer it’s all about surrender to an energy, a nature that’s bigger than us and trust in it.

Once we have found our purpose in life, also called Dharma, and live and work from it, it brings true happiness , because we have stopped doing everything in our life for external reasons and we are no longer attached tstrong>o our external needs in order to find happiness. In other words: we won’t let our life be interfered with by our ego. When ego is no longer the driving force in our life, we start to reconnect to our Source that supports us and thoughts start to shift. Our life will be about experiencing meaning and is fulfilled by living four principles: Respect life, Sincerity, Gentleness and Supportiveness. It’s not a life without ambition, as you might think. It’s an ambition with meaning. You’ll start becoming ambitious about other things in life. You’ll start trusting where the Source is taking you.

So what is our real purpose in life?

You’re not here to push life, to make it a struggle, but you’re here to enjoy and to learn living in peace. When we die, we’ll return to the Source, the space of love”, says Dyer. “You don’t have to die to get there. You can die to the ego and live from that space of love when you’re here.

He strongly believes that if we want to see doors open in our life we need to detach ourselves from what our ego says and allow ourselves to live from a divine place: the Source. Shifting from ambition to meaning. Striking thoughts and words from Dr. Wayne Dyer which we must not forget.

Remember: “You are only a thought away of changing your life”.

We hope to see you at one of our retreats on the magical island this season. It might have a meaningful shift for you in store 🙂

With love,
Mapi & Rafa

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi