Just as Planet Earth never stops rotating through the universe, life goes on and on. Time flows…How great it would be to stop the time “flying” for a while.. Perhaps you recognize this feeling? Occasionally we all like to stand still for a moment. To be silent and have a good look at what lies behind, at ourselves and the people around us. A good look at the life we’re living, at where we are right now. Are we happy with our life? Anything we would like to change? People or matters in our life which have harmed us somehow? A beautiful way to stand still for a while is to strike a balance, celebrate and start anew.


Which moment for striking a balance, celebrating and starting over could be better than the beginning of Spring? The season of New Beginnings! We’re very much looking forward to it and have planned our first DePura Ibiza retreat of the year to start along with Spring. The spring season marks the transition to a new period, leaving winter behind with old experiences and making space to send new intentions to the Universe and feel new life which is right here in front of us!

As people all over the world have done for centuries, we love the idea of new beginnings. Contemplation followed by celebration. Take Easter for example; Noroez (“A new Day”), the Persian New Year on 21 March or Holi, the Hindu festival. They are all celebrations of new life, forgiveness and releasing oneself from emotional impurities from the past. Saying goodbye to winter, celebrating the beginning of Spring and to reset and renew your life. When Spring starts you see how sleeping nature explodes with all her renewed strength. Flowers and colors sprouting from the fields and little lambs are jumping in the meadow. That’s probably the purest reminder of the start of Spring. In the same way we perceive the power of mother nature externally, we see her within ourselves, for we are part of her.

It is no coincidence that we have lovingly prepared a beautiful yoga retreat for you starting on the 21 of March so you can step out the bustle around and within you and stop for a while, creating space for yourself to have that look at your life. To strike a balance. A DePura retreat with meditations, yoga-practice, healthy food to nourish your body and mind, healing treatments like Reiki, massages, walks in nature. Precious time for yourself, time to relax…in an environment to dream of. On top of a mountain, surrounded by stunning beaches, on our magical island Ibiza.

Celebrations of new beginnings aim to generate joy and harmony in people’s inner world and consequently this realm of harmony will expand into society. Our retreats are created with love, care and attention to give you an opportunity to purify your body and mind and to open your heart. This results in a deep state of harmony within yourself. How wonderful it is to keep this state of being back home in your daily life and spread harmony into the world? That´s what we aim for!

Do you like the sound of stepping out of your daily life, standing still, striking a balance and treating yourself to a DePura Ibiza retreat this Spring? Please contact us if you have any questions. We will be happy to answer them!

If this makes your heart sing, but you can’t make it this Spring don’t worry. We have Yoga, Fasting, Detox and Power Detox programs for you throughout the year. Our calender on the website shows you all our dates and possibilities (of creating a new Spring any time ; )

What are you waiting for? Certainly the best part is that you can always start again. Each day gives you this chance.

We can’t wait to celebrate New Beginnings with you and hope to welcome you at DePura Ibiza this year!

With Love,

Mapi & Rafa

Today is the first day of the rest of your life,

so take a deep breath and start anew.